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In general, mining machinery parts easily damaged parts mainly has several kinds, is the first grinding ball and lining board, in fact, milling balls and liners are used together, we all know that the gradation of grinding ball is very important. Ball gradation with ideal liner surface shape can make the mill to obtain the maximum efficiency of the ideal. The correct choice of good material is ball gradation, ideal liner surface shape is fundamental guarantee to maintain the best long-term ideal grinding. But we tend to see such a situation, whether it is business or our personal, use one liners or grinding ball will neglect of maintenance, so let our grinding ball and a certain degree of damage, so we use both of which we should take to maintenance, so we use the words can be more smoothly, not only to our enterprise brings convenience to bring good experience to our users.  
We should have to take good care of in the mining machinery parts in our on bearing words, how to say? Bearing the words in our mechanical parts on the one hand is easy to rust, there is on the one hand may will be affected by the impact of some of the weight, sometimes not the intensity of the impact of time and may be damaged, so usually we should with a dry cloth after cleaning bearings and wipe dry. Add in rust preventive oil immersion. In this process, will be completely bearing contact with rust preventive oil, does not stop the rotation of bearing oil film, so that the formation of antirust oil covered on the bearing surface, achieve the purpose of rust. The butter with grease,, need evenly on the bearing surface, including the inner and outer ring, cage, wheel. And while wiping edge rolling bearing, the butter into the real bearing, to a full lubrication. So you can let us better bearing maintenance and not rust.  
Followed our mining machinery parts wearing parts of jaw plate and the tooth plate, jaw plate and the tooth plate is in mine parts easily damaged parts, jaw plate and the tooth plate in the operating time, in addition to the outside by bump, also was the material impact, such a long time to repeat use, jaw plate and tooth plate, a toothed plate of operation will be destroyed, the appearance of the shape change attack. Factors affecting the jaw plate, tooth plate, tooth plate of life. In this case we should be more maintenance in the process of using, we can better fitting such words to use. Is the tire factors in mine cars we consider, because is mainly worried about the extent of the damage of the tire, so we should pay attention to the tire maintenance.  
When it comes to here, we should talk about easy to damage the mining machinery parts wearing parts hammer and drill, hammer is essential to a have a long history of the crusher accessories, is broken machine mainly easy wear parts, hammer is good or bad, wear resistance strength directly affects the hammer type crushing machine efficiency and effectiveness. So, choose to wear is the same choice of hammer forging industry each user. The hammers used in the process of maintenance is the key to improve the efficiency of the use of hammer crusher. Hammer type crushing machine high-speed rotating hammer collide with material, causes the material to be broken to form broken. It is simple in structure, big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, can be used for dry, wet two forms and broken, suitable for mines, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, road, chemical and other industries of medium hardness and brittle materials grinding or crushing. The device can be adjusted according to the user space grate section, change the particle size, to meet the different needs of different users.  
As if the drill bit, because we usually are out of work, so a lot of time will have a lot of cutting, so we should be timely to clean the dust, so as not to cause later use when that bit will become very blunt, and we also should be in use after let him cool, so we use is also a help.

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