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With development of mineral processing technology and processing technology, some new mineral resources development, ore per year increase, the beneficiation equipment proposed requirements more and more high, the widespread adoption of the new structure, new material and new technology, and they pay more attention to the electromechanical integration and automatic control of the application, to promote the mineral processing equipment continue to a new direction for the development of.  
The ore features and mechanical processing level binding, advanced development principle, simple structure, higher level of manufacturing, efficient, low consumption, durable, environmental protection of mining machinery will is the future direction of development of China's mining machinery research.  
Xingyang city of Henan province mining machinery factory, referred to as "Xing mining machine". Xingyang mining machinery according to market development needs of the design of mining machinery processing equipment has five characteristics, because it has a wide range of potential market space become mining machinery industry, ore dressing equipment manufacturers rushed to emulate the development direction. 1, green energy saving and environmental protection:
Countries of mines, metallurgy, chemical industry strictly. Many energy-saving beneficiation equipment will become machinery industry development trend, energy saving and environmental protection of mineral processing equipment will become the mining machinery industry is the new darling. Xingyang mining machinery with low energy consumption and reduce the weight of the design principle and the use of materials with low environmental pollution in the actual production, as far as possible, not with Freon, chlorinated rubber and asbestos and other hazardous materials, parts and components to disintegration of convenient, easily broken, incineration or as fuel for recycling. 2, large:
Mainly manifests in the ball mill and flotation machine, ball mill volume in the last ten years increased 5-8 times, ball mill volume increases 15-20 times. X 10.97m produced by the machine production of Xingyang mine phi 12.19m, motor power for 28000kW autogenous mill is in the world's largest ball mill. , automation: 3
From the point of view of all aspects of the mineral processing, ore quantity, flow of the ore slurry, pulp concentration, classifier to return amount of sand, a variety of material level, pH value and any equipment malfunction alarm detection instrument and sensor measurement have been resolved or basic solution. The difficulty is to detect the ratio of soft grade pulp size detection and a variety of products. 4, optimization design, improve the technology content of the equipment: Xingyang mining machinery actively introduce domestic advanced technology, mineral processing technology at home and abroad to strengthen the well-known experts to learn and exchange, independent innovation, advanced technology application in the design of mineral processing equipment, such as computer technology, network technology and electrical control technology, by optimizing the design to make smooth operation of equipment, processing accuracy, simple operation, reduce noise, reduce wear and tear. 5, strong adaptability:
Such as slag, steel slag, clinker, quartz, fluorite and other super hard materials can be machined, and should be given to the urban construction waste handling. Market there is an urgent need for more sophisticated processing technology, the development of mineral processing equipment to adjust and towards a more fine direction of development to improve the ore utilization rate and increase the tailings recovery rate is the focus of future development of mineral processing equipment manufacturers. The development of beneficiation process is synchronous and processing equipment, production technology will affect the whole quality of mineral processing industry. The development trend of future large-scale development of mineral processing equipment, large equipment can greatly improve the equipment level of China's mineral processing manufacturers, so as to improve the comprehensive economic benefits. Large ore equipment not only can reduce the investment in infrastructure construction can also reduce the area and power consumption is more easy to realize automation.  
Facing the trend of mineral processing equipment, provide quality processing equipment as well as the independent brand, to the quality strives for the development, to the science and technology as the core, take the technology as the leading new concept, to continue to take the route of energy saving and environmental protection, so as to realize the processing equipment, the effect of green environmental protection, makes the contribution for the people's life.

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