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Design of Belt Conveyor on Avoiding Resonance


The method to avoid the belt resonance was studied in the course of the belt conveyor operation. The free vibration equation of the belt cross section was established regarding the belt as the orthotoropy rectangle sheet. 

The natural frequency computation experssion was deduced in belt boundary conditions SFSF,SFSC and SCSC for the plane belt,V shape belt and traugh shape belt,respectively. The calculating program basied on the searching method was compiled. The program can work out any nature frequency of the above three boundary conditions. A design method of avoiding belt resonance through increasing the idler diameter and decreasing the space between them was offered. An actual long distance belt conveyor was designed by this means,and the belt resonance of the conveyor was avoided in service.

The start of Belt Conveyor is a complex global problems,dynamic tensile force from starting of belt conveyor produce prodigious bow wave and affects starting smoothness and steadiness.Indeed,the adhesive tape may be damaged,the problems can be solved effectively if using soft starter.Based on this,the advanced CST Controllable Soft Starter and it's basic principle are introduced in this paper,analyzed conveyor belt dynamic properties.

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