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The original himself two years ago to do sales, coincidence switch to do the procurement. That purchase does not think so free, there are many manufacturers to give you the information, and then select a get away. Actually have great communication skills and details of the success of the purchase and the sales personnel's attention, I will some detail in writing for reference many sales of children's shoes:
1. Purchasing personnel information sources: the procurement needs of general procurement staff is from the production line, according to the requirements of the production line, there are very detailed product specifications and price budget, this kind of specification and budget are combined with the production practice, 95 percent are can not be changed. Less than as a last resort purchase what country or the world can not find the procurement staff will and production line communication to modify the purchase demand, but caused all the chain reaction is, if the correction, then whether the product is qualified, whether to conform to the requirements of downstream customers, the need of communication, but all this responsibility is purchasing personnel to assume. This is the bottom line of the purchaser. The losses will be reduced to a minimum.
2 procurement staff need to find the supply of information channel: A. The procurement personnel own connections. B. Network relationship. General procurement personnel have at least 5 years or above working experience, most of which are production line turned over, because they are very aware of the production of the details, so the original of the procurement of suppliers are more familiar with, and within the industry and are familiar with, on the choice and decision-making have judged their own level, so for new suppliers is to vigorously to showcase their products superior performance of the, and to maintain appropriate contact frequency with the buyer, so that their products can enter his procurement of spare library. For the establishment of the development and application of new product or a new company, the buyer need from the Internet to find suppliers of information, it has a web site in both English and Chinese information, rich product information, contact information and complete the manufacturers are the most popular. General procurement staff if interested will take the initiative to give your website a short stay contact, I hope you take the initiative to contact with the product. Note: encounter this situation, must pay attention to, because the procurement personnel are usually through the details of the internal e-mail with communication products, not in online casual with QQ or web message disclose information to you, if you keep up with the initiative so purchasing intention of 50% balance has been inclined to you, key must keep up with the time, don't leave a message half a month, and you want to up to contact the procurement, then the procurement task may already completed.
3. Procurement staff: in the procurement process, buyer will faithful will product requirement specification and detail sent to you, in reply before must carefully study and production line contact determine whether you can provide, if can be produced, so please introduce your company, production methods, product specifications, product pictures, quotation together to organize a good send to the procurement staff, to facilitate the procurement of screening. General procurement will prepare 10 supply information, examine the size of the company, production methods, product specifications, product pictures, and finally check the quotation, the primaries, will stay 4-5 further communication problem specific. If the first step in the only offer, other things missing, then your things and other manufacturers have what advantage, the price is not the main determinant. At the same time step display can save purchasing time and labor intensity, more successfully promote the next work schedule. If you are not able to produce, please loyal to tell the purchaser, not back and forth communication are dozens of e-mails from the, just tell your purchase does not produce, this is a waste of time and energy, if you encounter such a sales staff, we will think the enterprise of integrity is not good, directly pull the black list, later will not have the opportunity to cooperate. Be good, even if production can not, but will tell the purchaser which peer units capable of producing, and other contact, so as to maintain the connections, also can reflect the good moral, procurement is the people, he will because of your help in turn help you. Do not give this product can give you another product procurement opportunities.
About 4 email politely: now the most commonly used way of communication is the telephone, fax, email. It now seldom used by fax fax, unless it is to deliver small orders procurement contract. The most or the phone and e-mail, but the purchase of ordinary telephone just notice that the information communication most or through email. A strict procurement, holds the lifeblood of the enterprise, so the class will purchase a very detailed file management. Is the need to refer to the process of forwarding the relevant personnel and the content of the email in the internal communication. So polite email is very important, first at the beginning of the call must be clear, e-mail is who sent, followed expression should be clear, 1.2.3 points to wrote that, if the purchase send you a few, be sure to answer a few, if there is no answer or is not explicitly consider it is time to clearly marked, to facilitate the procurement of tracking the answer; be sure to have complimentary close, due to forwarding relevant personnel, honorific is a tribute to the purchase of, in most cases the decider is the boss, then your mail purchasing Ken will forward the CEO, CFO, so honorific is respect to the boss. Finally, don't mean to take a little time, it must be his name, position, company name, contact information, the company web site, e-mail and other information with the purchasing department, because there are different classes, contact your primary and intermediate procurement, procurement, purchasing manager, financial audit department, if you don't know under the condition of those departments in your company information and content tracking silently, the main task is to make purchasing these people agree with you, so if you don't, I'm sorry, the second round will be kicked out, someone will say: only a small unknown company. From the signature you can see that the company system is not perfect. Finally, if there is a file attachment, then please email attachments to retell briefly, because attachment is the main purchasing, brief content is people to accept the forwarding company internal mail.
The final, courtesy of the key, reply e-mail must click reply to all, because purchasing e-mail will be accompanied by a copy, the contents of BCC, if you just reply to the purchase of a person, then other people is invisible, procurement if diligent will help you to forward, if a lot of procurement deal with day in and day out, he will ignore the details, then the efficacy of you this email may is only 30 percent, but also may be your Waterloo.
About 4 English e-mail: now to deal with the problems of domestic and foreign trade is more and more frequent, often a lot of email is full of English. I also saw some sales compared with those who despise Chinese Chinese communication but also with English e-mail on twitter. I wish here to give you an idea: in fact, foreign purchases are the company's middle management personnel, as a middle-level and high-level deal with most foreigners are, English is the official language of all email communication. If you English to purchase inquiry, so a polite reply is also used to English reply, because in the future all back to you must be copied to foreigners. If you use the reply in Chinese, my habit is to see content has no value, if there is no value, I generally do not waste energy translation come to copy is given to foreigners; only to have questionable value things I will translate to a foreigner. Then encountered such a situation, each person's value judgment standard is not the same, if Chinese back and forth frequently, tend to translate directly to the work will be omitted, then you provide the information actually only rarely able to faithfully arrived foreigners there. Don't blame the lazy purchase, a purchase a project often to prepare 10 suppliers, but procurement staff hands often at least eight or ten purchase content, so daily e-mail processing amount is relatively large, if you are Chinese, translation can be exhausted him, much less said it would double the communication. Therefore gave the advice is: encounter with English email, please reply in English, met Chinese email please reply in Chinese; if the Chinese procurement in English email to you, Congratulations, you have great opportunities for orders, then the best way is in both Chinese and English at the same time back, this is the best of Chinese procurement and foreigners working support. In a word, a word, practice your English, all over the world are not afraid!

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