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First, the working principle of
Material by thick broken, by lifting and conveying equipment into a superfine ball mill machine for sale, ball mill machine for sale grinding media ball mill machine for sale rotates with the energy of material impact crushing and grinding, materials after crushing the unloading silo into self diffluent type powder classifier for classification, the separation of coarse powder, qualified fine powder was collected by the collector, coarse particles from the lower end of the classifier again into the ball ball mill machine for sale grinding, purified gas discharged by the induced draft fan.
Two, the performance advantages and characteristics
Production line of superfine grinding and classification is the fine ball mill machine for saleing technology and self flow type powder classification technology, the perfect combination of new energy-saving and efficient grinding production line.
1, a new generation of superfine grinding and classification production lines are prominent features is than other grading ball ball mill machine for saleing production line in energy-saving technology, classification accuracy achieved progressive and revolutionary breakthrough than other grading ball ball mill machine for saleing production lines and other kind of ball mill machine for sale energy-saving 40% above.
2, one-time grading fineness 300 to 2500 mesh Ren, with a classifier system, the second grade, fineness can reach DGZ < 2um (6250 projects), to at present domestic and foreign dry the highest hierarchical level.
3, using the latest of self shunt high concentrated phase classification technology for production line of superfine grinding and classification is done: classification precision is high, the cutting point accurate; large quantity, LHB series classifier largest single processing capacity of up to 100t / h; low energy consumption, the same amount of processing energy consumption only 40 per cent of the other grading machine; high classification efficiency, the same amount of processing, fine powder extraction rate is 50% higher than that of the other classifier.
4, fine ball ball mill machine for sale innovation design, crushing efficiency is greatly improved and the grinding ratio of science, can effectively produce large amounts of fine powder.
5, according to different materials, the corresponding liner and grinding, ensure the product purity and whiteness.
6, the system design more reasonable, construction and equipment investment is 50% lower than other grade ball mill machine for saleing production line.
7, the equipment failure rate is low, stable operation; system adopts intelligent inverter control, high degree of automation; negative pressure flow design, excellent production environment.
8, large production capacity, can undertake an annual output of 0.5 tons to 500 thousand tons of production line of turnkey project.
The company has two sets of superfine grinding and classification test line, at any time for customers 1:1 industrial testing various materials.
Three, application
Soft material: calcite, marble, limestone, kaolin, gypsum, barite, fly ash, slag etc.. Hard materials: silicon carbide, Zong Gangyu, mullite, superfine cement, zircon sand, andalusite, refractory material etc.. High purity materials: quartz, feldspar, alumina, glass beads, fluorescent powder etc.. Metal material: zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, molybdenum powder etc..

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