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One type of box feeder of hiimac


box feeder for the feed and/or storage of bulk material, especially clay, possesses a housing (1), designated as a charging box, with two longitudinal side walls (1a and 1b), a rear end wall (1c) and a discharge orifice (1d) in the front region. The bottom is formed from transversely extending slats (3) driven longitudinally movably, these being arranged as a rotating strand and being guided back in the opposite direction via deflecting members underneath the upper strand (3a) forming the bottom. The drive takes place by means of at least one intermittently working thrust-generating drive unit (6'; 6; 7) engaging on the upper strand (3a). The deflecting members are non-driven deflecting regions. Such a drive makes it possible to construct feeder boxes virtually without any size limitation.

A feeder box for dumping bulk materials onto a conveyor of a mobile transfer station comprises at least one feeder device located adjacent a side of the conveyor, each feeder device including a box compartment and a support structure for the box compartment, the box compartment being pivotable with respect to the support structure so as to tilt towards the conveyor to dump bulk materials onto the conveyor.


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