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ball mill for grinding copper ore


Copper beneficiation process is divided into three parts:
The 1 part: the basic process of ore crushing grinding process. Its purpose is to the appropriate size of ore crushing, suitable for grinding part.
The 2 part: grinding grinding part further processing ore get smaller size is in line with the flotation separation of materials
The 3 part: the important process of flotation flotation process of copper / upgrade. Chemical reagents will be added to the mixer / mixer, the chemical reaction.
Mining of ore by jaw crusher preliminary broken, broken to a reasonable degree of fineness in the post via elevator, feeder evenly send into the ball, the ball to ore by crushing and grinding.
After the ore fine grinding mill is expected to enter the next process: classification. Spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles and principle in the liquid precipitation at different speeds, the ore mixture was washed, classification. After cleaning and grading of the mineral mixture through the separator at the time, due to a variety of minerals than the coefficient of different magnetization through magnetic force and mechanical force to the magnetic material mixture. The mineral particle separator after initial separation in the flotation machine was sent, depending on the mineral characteristics of different drugs, which makes the minerals and other substances. In the minerals to be separated, because it contains a lot of water shall be the thickener initial concentration, the drying machine drying can be obtained dry minerals. The copper concentrate grade reaches 45%.

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