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channel belt conveyor


A channel belt conveyor includes a bed, an elongated belt, and belt supporting flanges adjustably mounted on the bed and having lower edges spaced from the bed to form an exit passage therebetween. 

The belt supporting flanges are raised above the bed to support the belt edges so the belt assumes a channel-like configuration in its load bearing run. Displaced particles of conveyed material, which find their way between the belt and the flanges or bed, can work their way free through the passage without being captured or impacted, thereby reducing accumulation of impacted material and consequent belt loading. Conveyed tobacco is contained by the belt so that it does not slide along stationary portions of the conveyor, thereby forming deleterious "shorts" and dust, nor is there any area in which the tobacco can "lump".

The bed of the conveyor is extended outwardly of the flanges and is turned downwardly to form the conveyor sides and vertical bed support.

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