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Mineral processing equipment manufacturing into the smart so


Realizing intelligent and operation integration is the main direction of the development of engineering machinery mineral processing equipment industry. During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the key main products of the engineering machinery should be intelligent, information control level, especially the requirements of engineering machinery processing equipment.
This year's two sessions to convey to us the development trend of mineral processing equipment industry: innovation, environmental protection and energy saving three categories. Among them, the trend of innovation is the development of enterprise engineering machinery mineral processing equipment products toward the road of intelligent high-end. Mineral processing equipment industry professionals said that China's manufacturing equipment has come to an important juncture, high-end transformation, industrial upgrading is no delay.
Since the beginning of the new century, the industry, mineral processing equipment, the main high-end brand transformation and upgrading service quality and achieved initial results, major technical equipment level of autonomy is in continuous improvement, 2013 mineral products to high-end upgrade to speed up the pace, the key technology achieved some important results. The trend of development of industry structure of high-end.
High intelligence enterprise market
With the difficulty of processing equipment market competition is more and more intense and the coal industry, mining, engineering mechanical processing equipment, intelligent is essential, for the enterprises of China Construction machinery processing equipment, only by constantly introducing foreign core technology, to catch up with the pace of internationalization is not grasp the soul of the advanced technology of gas, at present a useful weapon: "going out" overseas layout, is not only to expand the overseas market, more is to get the soul of more high-end technology, can break through the mineral processing industry bottlenecks.
Expert horsemen that mineral processing engineering machinery and equipment industry is a sunrise industry, technical content and concentration of production is high, the future market demand is bound to the high-end, intelligent direction of development, industry will more and more normative, current adjustment within the industry key enterprises to bring rare Liannei Gong opportunity, all enterprises should not to the scale and speed of heroes, to less than students growth and innovation and development for the pursuit of, with an international perspective to meet future market opportunities and challenges.

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