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grinding media for ball mill


A bead selection:
With the fineness of material requirements more and more high, sand grinding media for ball mill is also becoming increasingly common, and grinding medium on the market is more also, how to choose a more suitable for own production process and conditions of the grinding media is a more critical and demanding. The following simple analysis.   
The chemical composition of
Grinding medium according to the different materials can be divided into glass beads, ceramic beads (including zirconium silicate beads, zirconia beads, two alumina beads, rare earth metal stable zirconia beads), steel and other.
Due to the chemical composition and manufacturing process variations determines the bead crystal structure, compact crystal structure ensures the beads of the high strength, high wear resistance and low ink. Percentage content of ingredients are different, the bead proportion, high proportion for grinding high efficiency to provide a guarantee; bead chemical composition in the grinding process of natural wear and tear on the slurry performance will have a certain influence, so in addition to considering the low wear rate, scruples of chemical elements is also to be considered. Elements such as grinding powder magnetic tape or other electronic components of a slurry, Fe, Cu such as should avoid, containing Fe2O3 or CuSO4 ingredients such as grinding beads is not in the list of choices, so choose zirconium bead is often a popular choice for the industry; such as grinding pesticide, medicine and biochemistry, heavy metal scruples elements and PbO for the most common ingredients.  
In conclusion, some physical properties of the chemical composition of the beads (hardness, density and wear resistance) on the pollution situation and the slurry abrasion is chosen to consider the factors of grinding media.
Bead hardness
Mohs hardness (Mohs) is commonly used indicators of abrasive hardness larger beads, beads on the lower wear rate theory. The commonly used grinding beads and other material hardness as shown in table two.  
As from a bead on sand grinding media for ball mill contact (scattered disc, a pin and an inner cylinder) wear of view, hardness of the bead contact parts wear, although some, but can be by adjusting the beads filling amount, slurry viscosity and flow parameters to achieve optimal point.

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