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The ball mill pot grinding process of milling tank can fully closed, so it can also dry grinding, wet grinding; also in mill filled with different gases, realize the powder processing under different atmosphere. Study on the motion law of grinding balls, grinding mechanism helps to deeply understand the planetary ball mill pot, has important significance to optimize the operating parameters and the actual production in scientific experiments.  
When the planetary mill grinding ball by inertia force in the radial direction of the ball mill poting tank component points to the outside of the tank, grinding ball by ball mill poting tank support and not from the inner wall of the ball mill pot pot; when the ball mill pot by inertia force in the radial direction of the ball mill poting tank component pointing in the tank, grinding ball will strip away from the inner wall of the ball mill pot pot inside of side impact.  
While improving ball mill poting tank of the revolution and rotation speed or the large diameter ball can significantly increase the grinding ball by inertial force, so that significantly improve the energy ball grinding, grinding effect was significantly enhanced; change ball mill poting tank diameter does not significantly alter the effect of grinding.  
When the rotation velocity of the ball mill poting tank is far greater than the angular velocity of revolution, grinding ball will not lose the impact from the ball mill poting tank material.  
Because the structure is compact, high dehydration efficiency of classification, and mill used in conjunction can greatly improve the efficiency of current, however the shaker is working under high frequency vibration, its structure under alternating stress the role of a vibrating screen, in the long-term effect inevitably to damage, the surface will change the amplitude and frequency of the vibration sieve, affecting the efficiency of screening, on the other hand, the effect of the vibration sieve life. Therefore, of vibrating screen work condition monitoring can ensure the equipment working efficiently, reduce the loss, prolong life.

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