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PF1214 impact crusher can be what kind of ore crushing, its


PF1214 impact crusher is through the market, our company designed and developed the multi-functional equipment products, available for mining industry, cement, construction, refractory materials, coal, glass broken operations, counterattack crusher of compressive strength is less than 350 mpa, suitable for most of the broken production requirements, its development direction is very broad.

PF1214 impact crusher feeding mouth size 1250 * 1400 (mm), its feeding size is 450 * 1440 (mm), the largest feed particle size is 300 mm, the production capacity in 100-100 t/h, motor power of 132 kw.
      PF1214 counterattack crusher equipment features are:
      1. The inlet size, high crushing cavity, suitable for large material of broken, less  product powder;
      2. The board hammer clearance can be adjusted, can control the discharging granularity, thus the user more convenient to use;
      3. Impact resistance, resistance to wear;
      4. Maintenance is convenient, economic and reliable;
      5. Complete crushing function, high productivity.

      PF1214 counterattack crusher can be what kind of ore crushing, its main use is? If you want to know more, please visit our website, we will with pious service can save a lot of problems for you.


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