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Basic principle of flotation machine’s choice


Flotation machine can divide into inflatable and stir according to production capacity, but how to choose the suitable model? We will explain basic principle detailed for our client.


1. On the basis of mineral character such as grade, PH, density, size, pulp, etc. when mineral be chose easy and require less air-flow rate, it's suit to use mixing flotation machine, otherwise, consider choosing inflatable flotation. In this case, mineral easy choose, high density, input size small, flotation column will be better.
2. According to the plant scale choose corresponding flotation machine. Generally, large-scale plant should choose big model.
3.Cleaning work mainly improves concentrate grade, flotation froth layer should be thinner, in order to separate gangue. But it's not suit to use high aeration quantity flotation, so cleaning work flotation machine is different with coarse, scavenging work flotation machine.
4. Must pay attention to quality of flotation and supply situation of spare part.

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