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How to choose magnetic separator correctly?


Customer choose magnetic separator main according to magnetism and size of the material, such as10-360mm size strongly magnetic mineral, it ought to choose magnetic pulley, 6-0mm size is suit to permanent magnet machine; and 7-14mm feebly magnetic mineral can use roller strongly magnetic separator, when the size is less than 5mm, you can use ring type, roller type or magnetic drum according to characteristic of ore mineral; size is less than 0.15mm, can use high gradient magnetic separator. 


hiimac permanent magnet drum magnetic separator develop large size gradually at present, the biggest diameter is 1050/1500mm and made a change with the structure. Meanwhile, we are also develop permanent magnetism magnetic ore separator, magnetic pulley and magnetic dewatering tank, achieve permanent magnetism of low-intensity magnetic equipment. They are used further  and get certain effect recently years.

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