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Gold Placer Processing Method

Gold Placer Processing Method

Brief Introduction of Gold Placer(Alluvial Gold Processing):

Gold Placer(Alluvial Gold Processing) which is a king of gold ore by river alluvial generated.Alluvial deposit is the result of long-term continuous sorting by river stream, general with large distribution area, the length could be a few kilometers or up to tens of kilometers , while width could be and a few meters or up to several hundred meters. Gold placer has a good degree of dissociation, and large differences in proportion, generally adopt gravity sorting method(gravity processing method) to select gold ore.

Gold Placer,Alluvial gold beneficiation process is applicable to rivers, ancient river, beach placer deposits. Production Capacity Scale is vary in needs.
Generally,this Alluvial River Gold processing flow is to use screening machine to remove the large particles , centrifugal gold machine use for roughing dressing, and shaking table for concentrating to select gold ore.

Raw Ore directly goes into the double layer drum screen machine from receiving hopper, the receiving hopper will surrounded by one circle of water sprayer pipe, which contains water valve. Inner layer is perforated screen sieve, sieve 20mm; outer layer equipped with metal mesh, mesh 2mm. This rotary screen machine, trommel ,gold ore trommel is with double water pipe containing water valve. The oversize ore will return back , and under-size ore will send to centrifugal gold machine for roughing dressing(rough dressing, rough selection of gold ore). Concentrated ore into the buffer mixing tank. Continuous and stable slurry Mixing tank in feed shaking table ore slurry continuous and stably, the shaking table will produce fine gold ores, and tailings will be drop off.

This process uses a drum sieve pre-selected to reduce the amount of feeding capacity. Centrifugal gold machine and shaking table joint sorting, give full play to the improve centrifugal gold machine recovery rate and the advantage of high enrichment of shaking table. Simple process, small installed power, less investment. Do not pollute the environment. This placer gold beneficiation process is a classic design..

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