Pellet mills

Pellet Press Mill

Pellet Press Mill

A. Application of Pellet Press Mill:

1. For small-scale business and home use.
2. Can be used to press feed pellets for animal like rabbits, dogs, cats, cattle. The ingredient can be various upon different nutritional needs.
3. You can also make bedding pellets for these animals with same Diesel Flat Die Pellet Press Mill.
4. DieselPellet Press Mill is suitable for biomass pellets production which can be used to stove, boiler for warmth in winter.

B. Raw Material for Making Pellets:

◆ Biomass pellets: straw, alfalfa, wood waste, cornstalks, cardboard, grass, leaves, clippings,rice husks, branches, woodshavings, sawdust,etc.
◆ Feed pellet press mill: Animal feed was a product of materials such as alfalfa, grain and oil cake,etc.
◆ Moisture content of material: 14%-18%
◆ Material size: less than 5mm.

Troubleshooting Guide for Flat Die Pellet Press Mill:

After a long service, flat die Pellet Press Mill may come to across some malfunctions in operation. You need to find a professional repair personnel to solve some serious issues. However in general production, serious problems seldom appear when compared with some simple malfunctions, which can be easily repaired with right handling. Here are some general malfunctions & solutions in Pellet Production.

What can I do when my Pellet mill can not produce pellets? Why does the flat die pellet mill have low yield? best wood pellets

A: New flat die pellet mill in first use may not produce pellets, because of the low smoothness of mould and bad cooperation in new devices. After using oily material for a period, the pellet machine can run smoothly.
B: The clearance between rollers and dies is too large. You can tighten the screw to narrow the gap to 1.5-2.5 mm. C: Necessary steps to update a new die or roller shell because of wear and tear caused by long-term service.
D: The material is too wet or too dry, resulting in low productivity. You’d better increase or decrease the moisture to proper rate, generally 14%-16% in raw material.

Why are the pellets soft and powdery?

High moisture in raw material always lead to soft pellets. Wet material is easy to slip between rollers and die face. Slippage in machines will directly affects pellet molding, making pellets in low density and low yield.

Why are the pellets too hard?

Unlike soft pellets, hard pellets are often in high density and resulted from low moisture in raw material. It require more energy to press dry powder into pellets and will increase the friction between material and machines. Sometimes blockage is caused by such dry powder.

What’s the reason for big noise in flat die pellet mill operation? Why has the roller become damaged?

A: There are some impurities in raw material or in machines, such as rocks, tree branches. Please stop production and turn off the power to clean these objects.
B: The pellet mill was operating for an extensive period of time without material. Please cut off power to protect pellet mill when it does not produce pellets.

Why the motor of the flat die pellet mill (generally electricity-driven) suddenly stops?

A: The voltage is too low to go on working. Please start pellets production with stable voltage.
B: There are too much powder in flat die pellet mill, causing excessive pressure between the rollers and die. Please add moderate amount of raw material. And You can check the clearance between rolls and die to keep the space in 1.5-2.5 mm.
C: There are some impurities like rubble or debris falling in to this flat die pellet mill. Please cut off power to sort out these objects.
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