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Chicken Manure Rotary Dryer

Chicken Manure Rotary Dryer

Brief Introduction of Chicken Manure Rotary Dryer:

Purpose of chicken manure dryer is to dry chicken manure and make the dry chicken manure as accessories of fertilizer. The most typical characteristic of chicken manure dryer is dedusting and deodorizing. Chicken manure drying machine can dry the materials with 70% water content to which with 13% water content. Pig Manure Dryer runs in the totally closed process which can reduce the environmental pollution and play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. Cow Dung Dryer is the necessary equipment for production of pure organic fertilizer from chicken manure.

We have high drying efficiency chicken manure dryer/chicken manuredrier for sale:

Accompanied by the development of agriculture, agricultural by-products has been taken more attention.Manures pollution on environment is increasing, the animal manure such as the high humidity with rich in nutrients and trace elements is a good organic fertilizer.

chicken manure as an organic compound fertilizer, not only can turning waste into treasure, also can reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of the disease. high humidity after drying have a very good economic and social benefits.

Our special design professional chicken manure dryer as a corollary equipment of organic compound fertilizer production line, can make fine particles.
Meanwhile the chicken manure after drying can be used not only as culture medium, planting edible fungus agaricus bosporus, but also can be used as breeding the feed of turtle, fish, snails, chicken, duck, and other animal.

Chicken Manure Rotary Dryer main features:

1.chicken manure dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.
2.our new type high humidity chicken manure dryer structure was simple and excellent.
3.chicken manure dryer running smoothly through the dryer's resistance,have a very good drying efficiency.
4.The chicken manure dryer operating is convenient,with a large capacity and high efficiency.
5.Our chicken manure dryer is energy saving equipment,low malfunction, lower maintenance cost, low power consumption.
6.This new type high humidity chicken manure dryer have a wide scope of application, good uniformity of drying products.

Technical Parameter of Chicken Manure Rotary Dryer:

type 800 1000 1500 1800
drying capacity 500-800kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 1500-1800kg/h ≥2500kg/h
rotation speed&power 3-4rmp,4kw 3-4rmp,5.5kw 3-4rmp,10kw 3-4rmp,15.5kw
crushing spindle speed&power 150-250rmp,3kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,5.5kw
draught fan power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
coal consumption ≤70kg/h ≤110kg/h ≤170kg/h ≤220kg/h
floor area ≥80m2 ≥100m2 ≥120m2 ≥150m2
dryer machinery weight 4T 6T 12T 19T

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